About us

Here at Quick Payday Cash Advance, we proudly brag about being a bit different to other similar institutions. Whether it comes to short or longterm lending companies, we do things in a different way. Each of our customer is treated like the most important one until our collaboration is over. Our company has been established in 2001 and has managed to become a front runner due to our fairness.

We are not here to make your situation even harder or take advantage of your desperate issue, but to help you out. Moreover, we base everything we do on a friendly, educational and calming customer service. Our representatives are available round the clock to clear your fears and discomfort. Simply put, if you expect a difficulty, get in touch with our service right now.

We are a flexible company, so you can repay in multiple installments on your payday. You can also pay everything early for free – no fees involved. Our responsibility floats around your needs. Basically, our experts will carry out some affordability checks with a few different credit agencies. The point is to make sure you can pay back, rather than dive in even further.

Most importantly, Quick Payday Cash Advance is 100% transparent. Our terms and conditions are all written with the same font size – everything is available on one page. There are no hidden terms and conditions, not to mention hidden fees. You will know upfront what this loan will cost you in the long run. You will also know the repayment amounts, not to mention the dates needed for payments – all these details before you even borrow the money.

The way we work is fairly simple. You can give us a call, but you can also avoid human interaction and do it completely over the Internet. Complete the form on our website with as many details as you have and upload a few documents. Since our customer service is available round the clock, your application will be processed within a few hours only.

If accepted, the money will be transferred to your account right away. There are no risks and no long waiting times. We know that payday loans are often associated with emergencies, so we do not want to drag it for you. Instead, we will try to kick in as quickly as possible, so you can solve your problems immediately and enjoy a well deserved peace of mind.

You can also choose the phone version and provide all the details over the phone – just in case you have a few questions about our service or certain aspects are not clear enough. Contact us today and let us take care of your emergency expenses.